Our founder has been creating Apps

for more than 25 years!

Vincent Serpico has over two decades of experience as an app developer, an AI data scientist, a VP of Development and a Chief Technology Officer. He has founded three companies, raised money for a task-management start-up, and is an active angel investor.
Serpico understands tech like the scientist/coder that he is...and he easily relates to fellow entrepreneurs, since he is one himself.
We help non-tech founders
bring their big ideas to life
At Founders Workshop™ we understand that developing mobile and web apps can be a difficult, complex and expensive process. So we’ve made it our mission to offer world-class software development at accessible prices.

We wrote the book on creating
world-class apps. Literally!

Founders Workshop™ (formerly Serpico DEV) is dedicated to changing the way entrepreneurs build mobile and web apps. That’s why our founder, Vincent Serpico, wrote the quintessential guide to software development, “Ready To Launch.”
The book is a step-by-step guide to managing your software development project from start to finish. Our proprietary system is a disciplined, methodical, proven and repeatable process designed to consistently deliver world-class software on time and on budget.
Our credo is to be 100% transparent. So we make it easy for you to track the progress and cost of your app project.

Founders Workshop™ wants you in the loop throughout the entire development process. We want you to know all about the progress and status of your developing app.

You’ll see weekly status updates showing team member tasks, hours spent, plus full documentation of the work performed.